MECHANICAL V94.2,……… Rotor Compressor Blades with coating
Inner Casing
Mixing Chamber
Accessories for Inner Casing Hub
Seal Ring
Radiation Plate Cap Discs Spring Discs
Mixing Chamber Mixing Chamber + Heat Treatment Support Rack
Guide Plate
Cooling Ring+ Adaptor Ring
Flume Tube Swirl Ring / Cone
Base Plate + Segments
Dome Bolts, Castle Nuts, Guard, Steel O Ring
 Bricks / Tiles
Burner Set

Dummy Burner

Stator Accessories for Stators
Oil Retaining Ring, Seal wire, Seal Strips,
Rotor UP Standing Accessories for Rotor
Damping Cone, Spacer Rings, Seal Pins
Parallel Pins
Mounting Seal Sets
Balance Weights and Thread Plugs
· Outer Casing Accessories for Outer Casing
Centre Bolts