Eurasia Technical company is the one and only representative of VGT-DYKO in Turkey and all the middle east countries. VGT-DYKO produce high quality refractory products with the highest quality standards (tightest tolerances, enormous stability and service life, high CO and oxidation resistance) for power plant.

Eurasia Technical company as the only VGT-DYKO representative in the middle east countries can supply you wide range of VGT-DYKO materials with high qualities with flexibility, speed and efficiency and also supporting customers with special solutions for complex problems that VGT-DYKO support.

Eurasia Technical company as the only VGT-DYKO representative in Turkey and all the middle east companies can outstanding application competence, for example in the areas of waste incineration, power generation, chemical and petrochemical industries as well as in numerous other industries Broad manufacturing expertise (pressing, hand tamping, slip and mold casting).

Eurasia Technical Company in Turkey can support you to have access to VGT-DYKO production more easily and even faster. Eurasia Technical company have technical team, which they can be at sites for different installation and to help you to solve your problem with their experience and Knowledge.

1; Oven plate

2; Bottom plate segment

3; Muffle Semi- shell

4; Muffle frame

5; Kiln furniture

6; Burner Brick half

7; Muffle semi- shell pusher–type furnaces/kilns

8; Kiln Furniture Cordierite

9; Kiln Furniture Cordierite

10; Kiln Furniture

11; Tongue and groove brick, furnace/kiln construction

Description Tile Holder
10530034 – B2 Ceramic holder
10530035 – B2 Brick holder
0052 P1 Tuğlar tutucu
0053 P1 Ceramic tutucu
10530006 – D3 906 Brick tutucu
10530007 – Tile hamıl
10530009 – 909 Tile Holder
0052P1 – Material: NiCr20Ti Ceramic holder
0053P1 – Material: NiCr20Ti Brick holder
Row Description
brick Brick A1-A2    V94.2( Ver:3)
tile Brick B-L    V94.2( Ver:3)
tuğla Brick A1   V94.2( Ver:5)
ceramic Brick A2    V94.2( Ver:5)
brick Brick B-L    V94.2( Ver:5)
tile Brick F    V94.2( Ver:5)
tuğla N17 refractory board with Thickness of 25mm-38mm-50mm
ceramic Brick holder Ver 3 – 5 (V94.2)
brick Brick F class A1-A6 (V94.3)
tile Brick F class N1-N5 (V94.3)
tuğla Brick B 320
ceramic Brick B 620
brick Brick  B 320
tile BrickB 620
tuğla Brick L 30CM (LARGE LOCK)
ceramic Brick L 30CM (SMALL LOCK)
brick Brick(LARGE LOCK)
tile  (SMALL LOCK)
tuğla Brick(30CM)
ceramic  Brick320 L (30CM)

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