Contracting services, repairs and maintenance of Natural Gas, Steam and combine cycle power plants; major overhaul, installations, execution and power plant repair services; installation of power plants; power plant equipment and gear repairs; implementation of major overhaul of electronic, mechanical and instrumentation equipment of power plants; provision, purchase and sales of any materials or equipment for power plants after receiving the necessary permits; provision, purchase, and sales of any commercial materials or equipment; participating in auctions and tenders by governmental and non-governmental organizations; signing contracts with natural and corporate figures in and out of lran; obtaining loans and lines of credit from Iranian and foreign banks and financial and credit institutes in foreign currency and Rials; performing the affairs pertinent to the company in line with the Iranian Trade Law.

Not even wind turbine, gas turbine (V94 model), steam turbine, GE turbine( F5, F6, F9), these are some models of turbines that only can use for making Electricity and nothing else, besides we will repair equipments, supervise, desinging and making equipment in future in Turkey.
Do and supervise all overhauls like LTE ( life time essesment), HGPI ( hot gas pass inspection) are going to be done.

Importing and exporting is a little part of our sightly company.

The target is not only in Iran, any country that we can be in their tender will be our target.

All of these in details are in the company acting that we gave you before.